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Reviewing Games and Ideas

Whether you need your child to review sight words, numbers, letters, states, capitals, vocabulary or whatever it may be, these activities and games are sure to help!

  1. Hang flashcards with the word, number, letter, etc. around the room. Ask your child to run to the card you call out. My kids love this game!

  2. Point out when you see the information in books or even on signs outside.

  3. Print or make two sets of flashcards and play a matching game.

  4. Verbally make up a story about what your students needs to review. Or have your students make up a story! For instance, if you want your student work on a certain sight word, tell them they have to use the word 5 times in the story.

  5. Hang cards around the room and have your students practice daily.

  6. Throw all the cards on the floor and have your students find the one you call out.

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