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Teachers who want a simple, yet successful and thriving learning and teaching experience...

For teachers who want to create the best learning experience for their learners. It IS possible, but it comes with having the right tools to create a perfect plan. I can show you how.


After just one session, you feel instantly feel relieved.  

After our three month program, you will: 

  • Gain the tools to plan and create curriculum in a simple process 

  • Have a better understanding of your learners learning preferences and needs

  • Be more confident in what you are teaching and how you are teaching your students

  • Have a clear plan of action for curriculum and teaching

  • Witness how engaged your children are through project-based learning, hands-on and interest-led learning 

  • Gain tons of ideas and resources 

  • Create a personalized education for your students

  • Gain more clarity and confidence in teaching

  • Gain peace of mind

And the result is that you know exactly what you need to teach your kids, how to teach them and what to teach them.

This is the only program customized for you to be able to plan and teach your students.

The key to creating the most ideal learning plan and learning environment for your learners is simplicity.


When starting to plan for teaching, teachers tend to overthink, over-research and overwhelm themselves. In the cycle of trying to do too much, nothing gets done. 

Teachers end up giving up and not implementing what their kids need to learn. You might feel frustrated, confused or overwhelmed.

And as a teacher, you can't afford to be spending your precious time trying to figure it out. Your time is precious, which is why this program is designed to give you the exact steps you need and aimed for one goal: helping your learners thrive.




My kiddo enjoyed our 'Build A Project' series. Nancy was a tremendous help!

Nancy helped me weed through the topics and create an achievable lesson plan to stay on target for my daughter's 3rd grade year.


I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to start their kiddo's homeschooling journey.

You gave me the confidence to build curriculum.


It's the best money I ever spent!



Spending hours researching best curriculum and getting nowhere

I will walk you through a simple
5-step process of creating your own customized curriculum that your students will love because it will be tailored to their interests and
what they need to learn.

Frazzled about teaching all your students who are at different levels and not knowing how to teach them.

You will be equipped with specific strategies so you know exactly how to reach all learners.

Wondering if you can include hands-on learning and spending hours and hours researching ideas.

I have spent years creating projects and curriculum - all hands-on and project-based learning. With all this experience in my back pocket, I can help you come up with the best ideas your kids will love. Save hours of research and stress by working with me and cutting your time researching in half!


Nancy was quick to respond, and was very thorough and organized in checking what I have been doing so far and what my needs are. Nancy was very reassuring to me about the steps I’ve taken so far, about my abilities to effectively homeschool my children, and about her abilities to assist me.  I am excited to be able to go through this program, I am excited to work more with Nancy, and I am excited for the confidence that it has already given me to read through the curriculum and the confidence that I will continue to gain as a teach my children the subjects and outline that she has set up for me. In communicating with Nancy, she is very friendly, very supportive, and very quick to respond with information and help to questions. I could not be happier with my interaction with her so far, and look forward two progressing my homeschooling experience with her.



In order for us to teach our students in the best way possible, we have to be in the right mindset. We work together to make sure you have the tools you need to be equipped to have the best time with your students.

Lesson and Content Mapping

Thinking about planning curriculum and lessons can be daunting and overwhelming...but it doesn't have to be. Using my simple-proven process, you'll be planning curriculum with way more ease. 

Time Management 

Do random things take up your time and you end up not doing everything you need to with your students? We'll work together to come up with a schedule that works for you and go through what is really standing in your way.

Teaching Skills

We discuss different teaching techniques, how to make lessons engaging, ways to motivate your students, simplify difficult concepts, how to integrate your student's interests and personalities into the lesson plans, and unique ways to teach your students. 



Reflection is important for us to do as well as our children. This only helps us improve what we do. We go over how to reflect on your teaching, lessons, and how we can improve along the way. 



Due to major and sudden changes in my life, I found myself needing to homeschool my two children, but the thought was frightening and overwhelming. I didn't know where to begin, and I made many mistakes. Then I found Nancy at Build-A-Project. Nancy put me at ease and presented a clear picture of the process. Step by step, week by week, we planned the perfect homeschooling curriculum with a schedule that suited my family. It was such a relief to have her by my side to reassure, guide, research, and offer ideas for projects. Words cannot begin to express how grateful I am to Nancy. I couldn't have done it without her!


I am a mother of 3 year old twin girls. I am from Colombia, South America but live in the USA. In my country, homeschooling is almost not an option. Although I heard of the advantages here of homeschooling, I felt so overwhelmed just thinking that I was going to be the only one responsible for my kid’s education. Like any other homeschool mom I had so many questions and thank God I got to work with Nancy. Nancy led me in the process of what, how and where to get information, materials online for me to create the curriculum that fit my girls. Apart from that, I learned that: -Homeschooling is another good option to educate the kids. - Not to panic, one step at a time. - Give myself some grace when things do not come up as planned. -Teaching is a process. All of this learning made me so confident to start working with my girls. I am tremendously thankful for you Nancy. Muchas gracias.




4-12 weekly 60 minute video call sessions

Weekly one-on-one sessions answering all of your questions about what to teach, how to teach it, keeping your students focused and motivated, and next steps in your educational journey. 

Access to a plethora of resources 

Clients have full access to all educational resources and exclusive resources. 

Daily Support 

Email or text about any questions or support you need. 


Exclusive access to promotional deals for only client members on any project!

Private Facebook Group

Join a community of homeschool parents, just for clients, to ask questions, seek tips and find the support you need!



Nancy's Build-A-Project program (educational coaching) is absolutely amazing and so helpful. She helped guide me with a custom curriculum to finish my son's school year. She also provided so many wonderful ideas and projects. I am grateful for her time, professionalism, and the whole experience.


Nancy was amazing to work with and really taught me some skills I could not only use for my son, but for myself. If you need help putting your foot in the right door for homeschooling, give Nancy a chance

Are'al Mello.jpg


My kiddo enjoyed our 'Build A Project' series. Nancy was a tremendous help!

Nancy helped me weed through the topics and create an achievable lesson plan to stay on target for my daughter's 3rd grade year.


I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to start their kiddo's homeschooling journey.


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