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Students need to be involved in their learning, not just observe it. Students should feel passionate about what they're learning. Projects are a great way to help students learn and most importantly, retain information in the way that they learn, not everyone else. Typically, projects include various content areas to reach the main objectives and/or standards. In one, comprehensive project, we can include history, writing, math, science, and art. When working on a project, students are researching, working on various activities and mini projects which all help retain information and apply it. Moreover, when students reteach the content through explanation, presentations, and applying information, they are even more likely to retain information. 

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My husband and I are thoroughly

impressed by Build-A-Project.

Nancy worked with us from start to finish to create projects. The projects are amazing, and not only help us focus on meeting and exceeding educational standards, but delight and challenge our two young learners. We are extremely impressed and are very glad we found Nancy, and would definitely recommend Build-A-Project to other parents and educators.


Nancy at Build-A-Project has been a pleasure to work with in building my children's curriculum.  We have 4 kids in 1st, 3rd, 5th and 6th grade and I asked Nancy to complete the very difficult task of creating a social studies curriculum that I could use for all 4 children.  She was able to make an amazing course that we used the whole school year which included geography, states and capitals, and government. There were not only daily guides for each lesson,  but also multiple resources for games, worksheets, activities, and projects which were grade appropriate.  This allowed me to be able to teach to each child's grade level in an engaging method.  The kids and I thoroughly enjoyed using the social studies curriculum that was individualized for our family and I highly recommend using Build-A- Project to every family for a personalized, high quality educational program. 


Our family absolutely loved our customized geography curriculum developed by Nancy! She listened carefully to our specific curriculum needs and developed a product that was enriching, informative and tons of fun! The kids enjoyed the assignment, project and tools Nancy provided and learned and and retained the information! We would recommend Nancy and Build-A-Project to any family looking for that "perfect curriculum."

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