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Thank you so much for taking the time to help me out. I value your opinion SO much and would love to know what you need to thrive in homeschooling. 

Once you fill out the questionnaire be sure to look for the
special offer you get for helping me out. 

Group Coaching

Thank you so much for your feedback!

Join the Group Homeschool Membership Coaching!


Are you finding yourself searching the internet and looking for resources for homeschooling? Or do you often feel like you're not doing enough when teaching your kids? Does it sometimes just feel like it's too much and you don't know what to do next? 

Many homeschool moms and dads tell me they are unsure of what to do, what to plan and what resources to use. They are wondering, "Can I really do this? Can I really teach my kid?"

Parents have tons of resources and don't know how to use them. 

Or maybe you want to challenge your child and you don't know how. Or on the flip side your child needs more help in reading, writing or math and you need to help them improve

Wouldn't it be great to connect with other homeschool parents so you can share ideas, tips and lessons? What if you could feel at ease and confident in what you're doing? You don't have to be overwhelmed with curriculum, lessons, activities and power struggles. 


Instead, you want more of your ideal homeschool days and less frazzled, chaotic days. You want to be successful and have your children be successful

Do you know what you're missing? 

You're missing a plan. A community. A place you can go and have full access to resources, other homeschool parents who are in the same place you are, and get answers to your questions. 

Join the Confident Homeschooler Community.

Join a community of homeschoolers for collaboration, communication, questions, support and motivation.

 You will succeed and your children will succeed.

Here is the guidance you’ve been looking for.

If you're a homeschool parent who wants to create the best curriculum, a hands-on curriculum, get insight to advice just for your kids, join a community of parents who are all in the same boat, then this is perfect for you!

Next membership will begin August 15th. Stay tuned.

Monthly Membership

Join a community of homeschoolers who share the same questions, concerns and goals. 

Next membership begins August 15th. 

Group membership includes: 

Drop-in Weekly 30 minute Video Call Sessions

Weekly group coaching calls in which we discuss a topic of the groups choice (such as organization, teaching methods, motivation) and Q&A from group members. Ask questions on any struggles with learning, teaching, planning and any other educational support I can offer and receive customized advice. 


A special monthly webinar on various topics, such as how to teach content, customized curriculum, motivation and more! 

Access to resources 

Clients have access to educational resources and exclusive resources. Resources will be added weekly only for group members. Resources such as templates for curriculum planning, scheduling and activities to use with your child.

Guest Speakers

Knowledgable guest speakers on curriculum, activities, strategies will join our webinars.


Exclusive access to promotional deals for only group members on any project!

Private Facebook Group

Join a community of homeschool parents, just for members, to ask questions, seek tips and find the support you need!

After each session you will:

  • have answers to teaching questions

  • gain skills on creating a customized curriculum

  • gain a community of homeschool parents to connect with

  • learn a variety of strategies to teach math, writing, science, history, and reading

  • gain new, practical and easy tips to implement to make your days run smoothly

  • share ideas on creating the perfect homeschool schedule

  • and so much more!

Register for your membership today! Doors close May 7th!

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