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What Build-A-Project Is Really About

What am I trying to accomplish through Build-A-Project?

I want to provide quality experiences for students learning at home. I strongly believe that education could be fun and engaging, but students still retain content. But even more than just retain it, experience it, and expand on it. You see, we teach children a lot of educational stuff, but how much are they really going to remember?

From experience, I can tell you that the things that kids remember are the projects that they have done, worked hard on, researched, created and collaborated. With my own children, often times they will connect something they see to a project we’ve done and their eyes light up.

To be clear, I also value ‘old school’ education like some worksheets and tests. But there’s a balance and a time and a place for classic education and hands-on education.

To sum it up- what am I trying to accomplish? Hands on, engaging, educational projects and curriculum that have your children retain, and increase critical thinking skills.

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