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All projects include the following: 

  • Step-by-Step Guide for the project
  • Content Standards/Objectives
  • A customized project with details on implementing the activities and lessons. Each project includes different content areas and a variety of lessons to keep the students engaged. All of these lessons aim to teach students the main objective. 
  • Timeline for the project
  • Checklist and calendar to ensure completion of the project
  • Reproducibles and handouts
  • Additional Resources
  • Calendar
  • This project is a digital download.

Astronomy Project - 2nd-6th Grade

  • New and improved! The Astronomy Project takes students through learning about galaxies, solar systems, and constellations. Students research and take notes. After they've learned about these elements, students are will create their own galaxy, planet, and constellation based on what've they've learned! This project gives students an opportunity to be extra creative while pairing it with what they're learning in science!

    Subjects: Science, Art, and Writing

    Grades: 2nd-6th

    Ages: 7-12

    Duration of Project: 2-3 weeks

    Pages: 27