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This project includes the following: 

  • Step-by-Step Guide for the project

  • Content Standards/Objectives

  • A customized project with details on implementing the activities and lessons. Each project includes different content areas and a variety of lessons to keep the students engaged. All of these lessons aim to teach students the main objective. 

  •  Timeline for the project

  • Reproducibles and handouts

  • Additional Resources

  • This project is a digital download.

  • Only a few pages of the project are shown.

Money Saving Project - K-3rd Grade

  • Help your children practice saving and learn money through the Money Saving Project. Through this project, students will go through a series of activities to help them learn the value of money, make their own savings plan and even build their own piggy bank! Students will practice math, art and writing all in this project. Not only will your students learn about money, but they will also practice problem solving, critical thinking and analyzing skills. This is the perfect introduction to money!

    Subjects: Math, Art and Writing

    Grades: K-3rd

    Ages: 5-9

    Duration of Project: 2 weeks

    Pages: 17