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All projects include the following: 

  • Step-by-Step Guide for the project

  • Content Standards/Objectives

  • A customized project with details on implementing the activities and lessons. Each project includes different content areas and a variety of lessons to keep the students engaged. All of these lessons aim to teach students the main objective. 

  •  Timeline for the project

  • Checklist and calendar to ensure completion of the project

  • Reproducibles and handouts

  • Additional Resources

  • This project is a digital download.

Ecosystems Project - 5th-9th Grade

  • The Ecosystems Project has students research how ecosystems are effected and what causes diversity in the ecosystems. Students also create their own terrariums! Students will create a presentation about their ecosystem and practice writing. Students will also complete a fun outdoor scavenger hunt! This project includes science, art, media, and writing. It is great for 5th grade-8th grade. 

    Subjects: Science, Writing, Media, and Art

    Grades: 5th-9th

    Ages: 10-14 years old

    Duration of Project: 2-3 weeks

    Pages: 22