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All projects include the following: 

  • Step-by-Step Guide for the project

  • Content Standards/Objectives

  • A customized project with details on implementing the activities and lessons. Each project includes different content areas and a variety of lessons to keep the students engaged. All of these lessons aim to teach students the main objective. 

  •  Timeline for the project

  • Checklist and calendar to ensure completion of the project

  • Reproducibles and handouts

  • Additional Resources

  • This project is a digital download.


"Our favorite project was the Genetics Project! The project took all of the standards regarding heredity, inheritance, variation of traits and then guided us to use that knowledge and research to create a new team of superheroes for the President. That hooked our son from the minute we showed him the packet!" -Katrynke, Homeschool Mom

Genetics Project - 6th-9th Grade

  • In this Genetics project, students explore why there is genetic diversity on earth. Students will complete science, writing, art, technology, and math. This project is written so students are solving a superhero mystery. Students will write, create a video, do an M&M activity, and more! This project combines content students need to learn with an interesting twist. It's great for students who are in 6th-9th grade. 

    Subjects: science, technology, writing, math, and art

    Grades: 6th-9th

    Ages: 11-15 years old

    Duration of Project: 2-3 weeks

    Pages: 25