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Benefits of Journal Writing

Students can write about anything, anytime. It can be an outlet for them, a conversation between you and them, a chance to process information, or any other reason.

Journal writing is different than essay writing in that students can write about random topics, topics of their choice and I personally recommend not correcting their grammar or writing. Journal writing should just be a chance for them to freely write.

Children could start as young as 3, even to just ‘write’ their name and draw a picture (they may not write their name legibly but just to get them in the habit of journaling). Students can carry journaling throughout elementary, middle, and high school!

Some topics students can write about:

✏️Favorite items: toy, place to go, foods, etc.


✏️An experience they had: what they did over the weekend, a trip they took, an event they attended

✏️’What if’ questions: what if you were a one inch worm? How would life be? (This could be paired with the book ‘Inch by Inch’ by Leo Lionni). Or if you could have dinner with anyone who would it be and why?

✏️Free write! Let them pick a topic

Something I really liked to do with my students, and now with my oldest son, is write back to them after each entry. I would just write a quick note responding and asking a question to engage in conversation in the journal.

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