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Affordable Back-to-School Shopping Resources for Parents

By Daniel Sherwin

Photo via Pexels

Summer is upon us, but soon enough, it will be time to help your children get ready to go back to school. Most likely, it’s back to in-person learning too. Rather than fall into the chaos of back-to-school shopping, you can get a head start now to make next fall feel like a breeze. Plus, you can even help your kids avoid the summer slump. Here’s how to find reliable devices at low prices and introduce your child to a variety of free virtual educational resources to keep them learning all summer.

Devices for Reasonable Prices

Laptops, tablets, and other useful tech devices can be quite expensive, but if you shop online early, you can avoid paying the high sticker prices and stay within your budget.

● A kid-friendly tablet that includes built-in parental controls will come at a lower price than models designed for adults.

● Check out early back-to-school sales on electronics retailers’ websites to score big savings on a computerfor an older child.

● Use a Walmart or Target promo code to get great deals and cashback offers while shopping for school supplies from companies like HOMER Learning, Courant, Maxi-Cosi, and more.

Useful Tools and Apps

From games that will encourage your children to learn while they play to convenient audiobook apps that the whole family can listen to while driving, these affordable tools are vital for your child’s education!

● Check out summer-learning or family learning bundles from Build-A-Project.

● These free educational apps will help your kids keep learning during their downtime.

● Purchase an audiobook subscription for your child so they can dive into new topics when you’re on the go. They can listen to countless books at a discount!

● Encourage your child to sharpen their typing skills with these online games, which they can access for free.

Free Educational Services Online

Parents can find endless educational resources on the internet that won’t cost a cent. Just make sure to supervise young children when they’re browsing the web!

● Your child can take online courses on any subject they are interested in at no cost to you.

● Experts and educators in various fields share free content on YouTube that kids and parents can enjoy together!

When you take the time to find sizable discounts on helpful devices, you can properly prepare your child to head back to school. With so many remote learning tools available, your child can get a headstart before the new school year!

Build-A-Project is dedicated to enhancing childrens’ education through hands-on learning. With customized projects and bundles, you can help keep your child engaged all year long!

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