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Avoid the Holiday Burnout While Teaching!

Now that the holidays are rolling in, it's easier to lose focus on school work and staying organized. It's tempting to cozy up on the couch under the covers, especially when it's cold. Here are a few tips to help push through the holidays:

1. Incorporate fun activities into your curriculum. Let's say you're making can have your children help you and learn all of the measurements as you go along. Later, you can have them convert each measurement to a different unit for extra math practice.

2. Create a new incentive for just this month. Maybe a marble jar with candy or a star chart for motivation. This always helps children become motivated (and sometimes can even keep us on track!).

3. Create a fun, educational activity or project for just this month. Have your children create or build something. Perhaps they create Santa's sled out of cardboard or a Gingerbread house out of blocks. These could easily be turned into STEAM activities!

4. Have fun and enjoy this month. Enjoy this time with your kiddos. Maybe you do less things this month and catch up in January. That is OK!

Use some of my fun projects for this month! Perhaps your children can create the At Home Movie Night Experience or Create Their Own Business!

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